Thursday, March 31, 2016


You see when you're humble things tend to work in your favor but when you're hype with nothing to hype about you look stupid.


FLEXX FM RADIO World Premiere!

Honorebel ft Nickeisha Lindo - You're Gonna Be 
Dilly Chris - Rise 
Pickney _ Passionate Love
Hawk Eye - Champion Jockey.......
General Degree- A you me come fah
Demarco - Tilt your body 

All you have to do is submit your radio friendly songs to flexxfmworldpremiere@gmail.com along with a short bio and picture.


There is no party like a Booba Star party! 


Shout out to Prezzy! a di best thing you ever do when you send on the Booba star Link!

I love everything about Booba Star, his style, his lyrics, his professionalism.

I was super hype to hear TC Flexx interview Booba star. Yes get familar if you havent done so as yet. He is one to look out for...#fiwiartist

Booba star's songs, are being played all over ... yardd n abbradd!!!!!! 

All his hard work is paying off and it shows in the all positive reviews he has be recieving.  
I have to agree with TC when he complemented Booba Star on his consistency in putting out powerful  work with meaning, something the youths can relate to.

Booba is currently working with a variety of producers, such as (MIA Production, College Boy Production, Brand New Entertainment from out of DC and Touch Point from out of Philadelphia)

Booba is excited about a Brand new thing to drop soon produce by Ben ford outta Philadelphia. 
LOL! he says TC will be able to relate to it, Its a love triangle. hmm.

BOOBA STAR - Means, Blessings Overcome Obstacles Before Achievements and the Star is for the star of David, is a symbol of Rasta

Listen, I'm not gonna spoil it for you family, go watch and listen the interview for yourself


Monday, March 28, 2016


OMG DON ZEE, what were u thinking? 

Must have been holding a serious medzz, dont it???

The other day i was having a moment and this song was blasting in my car, and every word hit my inner core. Yo! A di same mi! no matter what its the same me. Money cant and wont change me.  

Bwoy family,  I'm not sure if its the melody or the well put together lyrics, or the dramatic emotional episode i had while driving and listening to this said track..lol! Maybe all three....

Cho man! 
At the end of the day or night I dont have much to say anymore to some people. I just send them Don Zee "SAME MI"


Friday, March 25, 2016


No man is an island and no man stands alone...
Unity is strength...

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.  



Thursday, March 24, 2016


He goes by the name Thurteen13...

the name says it all! I had the opportunity to listen in on his interview with DJ TC FLEXX on FLEXXFM RADIO. He says all his life, he always seem to "buck up in a 13".

Well fam, him and BLAZE have alot in common. Yes fam, 13 is a good number. a My earth-strong so him a #blazeafyah.

Originally from May Pen, Thurteen13 says as a youth, he was always going to alot of Body Guard's dances and alot of stage shows.

While in high school he realized how easy it was for him to build lyrics. From there, he started going to the studio. Thurteen13 says the first artist to have an influence on him was Ninja Man (for his stage presents), then Spragga Benz ( because of how he put his lyrics together) so he took from these artist and created his own. He said over time tho, he started to rate Kartel and he realize just how competitive this industry can be and so his lyrics have to be on point.

to learn more about Thurteen13 follow him on social media CLICK HERE

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



I just love watching and listening to Moses I. He has the right answers to all the boderation and sufferation we facing. According to Moses all we have to do is Just kick down boderation and bax dung sufferation and make we uplift we nation.

I tell you there is a song for every emotion, so when you hear Moses I sing this one in particular, atleast when i hear him i literally want to kick and bax dung all the boderation. 

Im telling you this song is a stress reliver. after im done singing it, im so ready to take on whatever obstacle that might be in my way and tump it dung flat!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Everyone you meet has their own struggle that they are facing daily. Some trials and tribulations might be heavier than another but its a struggle just the same. So this song "Jah will Provide" is the perfect song that relates to that situation.     

They say believe kill and it cures but you have to believe wholeheartedly that JAH will provide because once you know this to be true then your worries and fears will decrease tremendously.

Just be patient.

Shuga's new song "PAY BACK" is about a cheating man and i know most ladies can relate, according to Shuga when you need to get answers you have to ask the right questions.

Fam, you will be happy to know that our very own award winning recording artist Etana "FREE MIND MUSIC" worked on the production of this great song. 

Share with friends and family!


Thursday, March 17, 2016


He goes by the name Yawdy Quan and i like what he is saying
"dont judge people by their looks
you never know 
who can be a blessing
who can be a curse
dont judge nobody with out knowing them first" 
words from Yawdy Quan

A conscious youth! I love that his message is so simple and yet so powerful. I'm so happy that #fiwiartist dem a roll out now more ova to #giddigottalent (each and every Monday night show kicks at Giddi HQ 9:30pm)

Shout out to J-Stone for introducing this artist to the giddi family

how would I describe his music? Its reggae fuzzed with sounds similar to the group No Doubt.

Yawdy Quan has got a plan and im looking forward to seeing his career grow!  #blazeafyah

Monday, March 14, 2016


Im not gonna act like I didn't expect such an EPIC outcome for this event. Shout out to Moses I and Livonmusic for putting this event together. All Our artist that took the time out of their busy schedule to be at this event we all appreciate you. 

One thing i can say Moses I kept his word regarding ambiance. The minute you walked in you felt the NRG. I dont know if it is the Rastafarian colors or the mere essence of what they symbolize. 

For me, the colors represent a way of life...I'm on that journey.. working on getting to that livity....
He did open the gate and we all welcomed him.

Ive been longing for an event such as this and i am truly happy that it came to fruition. Live music needs to be appreciated. 

If its the message or melodies, rhymes or reasoning it should be appreciated. 

I hope that this shift or new found love for this type of a thing, this live music thing, will spread like wild fyah!

Continue to #blazeafyah mi artist. Its only a matter of time before someone makes it out the camp.

Looking forward to the next event. Videos and more pics coming soon....

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I Keep telling you fam! that if you are a new artist in Fort Lauderdale area, or South Florida area period, you need to be at Giddi Got Talent each and every Monday night. (show time 9:30pm. )  

Its a music lab family.  

This is the only place in Fort Lauderdale with this authentic vybz
Where music lovers meet up and embrace this thing, our thing this music..

Last night show started out a bit late and i promise I'm working on getting to a better start time, 
for that to happen i need mi artist dem fi roll out early.

Shout out to all the artist that roll thru!

Big up mi giddi got talent family. Eva full a NRG.

Yo, had to let yall know about these two new artist that pass thru the place.
J-Stone an K Charlz. YEAH MAN dem #blazeafyah

I love their style, their NRG, the message. Everything was up about their segment.
Check out one of the videos from Last night.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 Its been a while since I've been on this spiritual journey trying to find myself and my purpose..
I dont know my past and that's been a pet peeve of mine for a while. I need to know my history to know my future but often times that info is well hidden so unless you're listening to some conscious music or reasoning you might fall short of your true potential.

I've been researching and seeking for the information, the truth and so i am looking forward to this event

Moses I Promotions along side LIVONMUSIC
Presents a night called


if you're into poetry, drums, dance. anything cultural and positive, then this event is for you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I honestly don’t know exactly where to start. When there is so much to tell.

Ok NK BRISTRO www.nkbistro.com
Talk about ambiance. Snap snap fingers..a nice laid back atmosphere, with poetry in the air.

If not for the sweet reggae music oozing from the speakers, you would think you've walk into a tourist resort type establishment that found a way to bring truth to "Out of many, We are one". Yup. the decor set the tempo of  what to expect. This is a no nonsense place, my type of place. Mature, warm, intimate...check it out when you're in Hollywood, FL. 

Ask for Rasquel, tell her #nickyblaze sent yah!

I thought I was nervous before this event but when Safiyah introduced me to everyone, I was down right floored. If I ever had any doubt in myself, or my brand it all went out the door after such an introduction. There is something amazing, empowering, rejuvenating when others recognize you and your work.  #blazeafyah so humbled by that. trust me.

It was in deed empowering being in a room with other Entrepreneurs sharing ideas and gaining a ton of information.

Shout out to PRGirlangel Entertainment (Public relations & Marketing)! 

Sometimes you communicate with people on line and you seldom get the chance to meet them in person. Well I was happy I got the chance to meet this lovely lady. 

You know me fam, ima pick her brain. 

This woman being doing it for 10 years now!  
You better believe she had something to teach me! I asked her how she manages to keep it professional in this business, knowing the different personalities you have to deal with. Her response was powerful. She said there was a time when she would react base on how she was reading the individual’s body language, (and I just learn this the other day) but over the years she's learnt how to handle that. For real fam. Sometimes we make assumptions about a situation based on how the person reacts and sometimes we are reading it wrong. Now she doesn’t react in a negative or aggressive manner, even when someone might be a bit aggressive, her attitude, how she respond will remain the same. Calm and collect. 

amazing..my kind of peeps!!!!!!

TouchSuite was in the building. 
“Don’t just survive, thrive

Powerful statement, right fam? Something about my brothers doing big things always seem to blaze my fyah hyah!

They are a one stop marketing firm and they are waiting on you to give them a call.  If you're trying to start a new business then hit them up. www.touchsuite.com

Shout out to all the business owners and their representatives for coming out to this event. 

Channel 7 very own Stevie Rodriguez was also one of the guest speakers. You know me i had to ask him if he loves reggae. Yup..he loves reggae. 

Make sure you follow him on twitter @StevieRodriguez 
New business owner he is the go to person regarding advertisement etc. 

It was a pleasure meeting you  Ms Jackie (Inside Out School Of Etiquette). Looking forward to the next event.