Monday, February 29, 2016


Parties in the Caribbean are like none other. There’s just something different about them in comparison to the states. They hold a certain vibe, one where you’re able to just let go and be yourself…

This past weekend I spent my nights partying in the beautiful country parts on the island of Jamaica. In St. Mary to be exact, where “party time” is always “ah mad ting!”.

  The music…music is key for the patrons of St. Mary. It was all about the baseline. If you weren’t feeling the music, like literally ‘feeling the music’ run through ya body, then you weren’t having a good time. And when everyone’s song comes on, either get out the way or dance ya ass off!! Shots fired and a whole lot of pulling up lol. 
           The atmosphere set ups were mostly outside or some in a club, that still had access to the beautiful night skies. But they didn’t need much to set things up. A few lights and the sound system was all that was needed. The buildings itself were already brightly painted, which added color to the scenery. 
          When it comes to drinking, I usually RUN from the Jamaican white rum. But when I tell you that I could have drank white rum all night those nights, you know it’s something serious. The party people of St. Mary have a mixture that will have you so right. White rum, boom (which is like a red bull), and ting (the grapefruit drink). And if you really feeling brave, add some Magnum to the mix. UP!

          Overall, my partying in experience in St. Mary was well worth it. A place where I can hold a vibes and feel free. Going back real real soonJ




          Let me start out by saying that I have not been back to Jamaica since I was about 6 years old. I’m 26 now….RED FLAG..lol. So the excitement to go HOME was unbearable. I was born in Kingston, more of a city like area but this trip took me to the country parts of JA.
          St. Mary and its surrounding parts are beautiful and serene without measure. Once you land and get off the plane, you can see the beauty of the mountains, trees and water. Then with the wind blowing against your skin, it leaves you feeling like you’ve reached paradise. And that’s just at the airport!
          It takes about 2 hours to get from the airport in Montego Bay to St. Mary. Which doesn’t even feel like 2 hours, because along the way, the scenery had me mesmerized. In a sense, it felt like I was still in Florida because of the trees, the skies and water. But when you really take a look at the beauty, you can see that there is something unique about it all. The fact that it’s not tampered with.

The beauty comes from the fact that most of what I seen had been there from the beginning of time. There’s something about seeing the environment that you’re in from the point of view of someone who had been here before you. I love history, love being able to picture myself as if I was there back then. Unlike the states, with so much building up and even more cutting down; it gets hard to see the beauty of this world that God has created for us.

Once I had reached my destination and had been there for the day, I knew that I wouldn’t want to go back home. There’s something very different about everyday life in Jamaica. It seemed to me as if the days were longer; and they probably weren’t, but that’s because I wasn’t facing the normal everyday stresses that I would get from living in the states. The everyday hustling and bustling that leaves us going crazy in America. St. Mary doesn’t have that. Just do what you have to do and then let rest of the day take you where you need to be.
I got a chance to visit a river, something I’ve never done before. It was so beautiful and looked like something out of a magazine. The water was crystal clear with a cool temperature you got accustomed to after being in there long enough. While the sun beating on my face; it just felt so good to be able to ‘breathe easy’ and relax. I had my “aaaaahhhhh” moment there J.

The last bit of the trip was spent at a beautiful lil spot, called Fisherman’s Beach, which wasn’t too far from the famous James Bond Beach. I love love looove beaches, so when I came here, it felt amazing. Here, the waters actually had a blue color to it, as it should. The sound of the waters brushing against each other and creeping up the sand, set me at peace. I spent that day, with a drink in one hand and a spliff in the other; and as we say in Jamaica…”mih hol ah meds” J.

Can’t wait to go back real real soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


 It was a pleasure hearing Daville #blazeafyah on World premiere show on WWW.FLEXXFM.COM radio with host DJ TC FLEXX.

Time flies is a understatement. 

Its been 16 years since he began his solo career and his hard work and dedication are paying off.

Daville started out with a group (ARP) before going solo in 2000. When the captain (DJ TC FLEXX) pointed out or should i say reminded him (DAVILLE) of his tenure, he seemed surprise that it has been that long.

Daville was quick to remind the flexxfm radio listeners that, life is a journey and once you have a dream you keep pushing the envelope until something breaks.

Daville loves to prove people wrong....

So for all the critics, I say this to you because you helped fuel this fyah and this passion that we see and hear from this amazing artist. "keep runnin yuh mout!"

Daville says in life nothing is perfect. You just got to keep trying. You're gonna fall down just get back up...

Check out the interview here on flexxfm radio CLICK HERE