Monday, November 16, 2015

Flexxfm Radio has the cure for PAYOLLA!

Integrity seems to be a thing of the past when it comes on to the link between musicians and these name bran stations.

I blame PAYOLLA for the downfall of the messages in the songs that are now blasting thru our speakers.

What happened to the message? What happened to the quality.

PAYOLLA has stiffen alot of new artist career. Because one can pay a radio host or disk jocky to air their work, the music isn't as important as the monies they plan to make.

It needs to stop! After independence the only constant thing Jamaica has going is their music.  Jamaica's authentic reggae music that millions usually gravitate to is being watered down.

Sooner or later if they dont stop this PAYOLLA, they will end up regretting their corrupted choices. 

it's only a matter of time  before the world no longer looks to Jamaica for that authentic sound and powerful messages if drastic action isn't taken.

Flexxfm Radio the #1 internet radio Station has the perfect show that's PAYOLLA FREE!

We know how hard it can be for new artist to get their work aired.

So send us an email with the songs you want to premiere. We only ask that they are radio friendly, along with a short bio and a picture to blazeafyah@gmail.comgmail.com

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ft lauderdale home for authentic reggae music!

I know that being away from our island of Jamaica can be stressful at times. Especially when love ones are left behind counting on your success to survive.

With that kind of pressure, you must have an outlet to release it before it explodes.

Why not vbye out to something that will remind you of home?

Check out GIDDI GOT TALENT on our Nicky Blaze Promotions youtube channel. Share and comment on our videos....

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reggae Revival

This is why i love to read.

Just came across this Reggae Revival Inside Jamaica Vogue Reggae Revival   

For years I've gravitated towards a musical era like the 60s, 70s. I often wish i was around during those times because that's when reggae was ripe and ready, well at-least to me. I fell in love with the culture, the music, the people, my people.

Then I heard Chronixx and my eyes and ears went on high alert. My time, my era and im here to witness and experience it.

I was hungry for what he was saying, he was sealing up a lot of things for me and when i heard "Grow your natty" omg that was the icing on the cake. I didn't need to hear anything else. 

See family, some people will say "Chronixx neva start nuttin new" but little do they know that he is just continuing the  legency of real authentic reggae music...

Check it out Vogue Reggae Revival when you get the chance.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Nicky Blaze Promotions-What we do!

 Nicky  Blaze  Promotions understands, that an artist journey to that big break can be quick but it can also be tedious and discouraging, especially when that artist is funding his or her musical career independently. We understand how difficult it can be for a new artist to enter into the industry.

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V.I - Angels Watch Over Me - My Confirmation!

I've been feeling a bit down since the start of the month for more than one reason. So this morning I'm going thru my music and The Real V.I. - Angels watching over me "  started to play and this overwhelming energy came over. 

This song speaks truth into my life. I do have angels watching over me.
 S.I.P Dior Amanda-Marie Graham 11.20.11

Listen for yourself family!