Monday, October 5, 2015

HMMMM..Something about No-Maddz!

No-Maddz Live @Ginger Bay Cafe

How the heck, could No-Maddz show up to my town and i don't make myself available to go check them out live!??? Pure Madness!

My love for this Band "No-Maddz" can only be compared to the many stories and the experiences I've heard about falling in love with your first band.

So its official No-Maddz is my official fav Band. Its not only because of their Many styles, talents, charisma or character but for what they symbolize to me!

Yes to me!

I love how the message in the song or dub, transcends through their work i.e. lyrical content, melodies and delivery.

I'm in love family!!!!!!

Last Friday i had the opportunity to check them out live at Ginger Bay cafe. The flyer said 9:30pm wasn't sure about the show time but i got there at 11:45pm and thank goodness they hadn't perform as yet, How ever another band was onstage "Mix Culture" and I can honestly say, they are sharp like razor.
Enjoyed Mix Culture's segment.

So while Mix Culture was  performing I look to my right and guess who walks in? Shepie!! 
 if ever i could love another!
Every bit of him is exactly what i imagined. The man cool like cucumber!

As if i was a kid in a candy store my eyes grew bigger when i say Onie-p. Yes i felt like the Ultimate groupie. I remembered how "Pilot thru the clouds" was stuck in my head on repeat for days. I love it! ... hehehe... That is indeed a lovely song.

Family, these African Kings called No-Maddz are happily trodding on a path to greatness and because of this, they have transcended into the Ultimate roll models for our youths. When next you hear that No-maddz are coming to a town or a city near you, make sure you go out and get your tickets. I can tell you this much, you'll enjoy the show!

see you soon No-maddz!

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