Monday, July 13, 2015

Review of Nkruma Earthstrong "Neva get it mi bah wid it"

Where were you on Saturday?  If you wasn't at Zues HQ bwoy you missed a great show! It was Epic
Call them Local artist if you want to, but they showed up and turn up the fyah so high this one will have to go down in the history books! 
Shout out to Nkruma for putting together this amazing cast of talented artist that helped him celebrate his birthday in fine style.  I cant wait to see this type of show in a park soon! Shout out to all the sponsors and all those who made this dream a reality. Street Peeple, DWAHS Band and Nicky Blaze promotions!
 A Big thank you to  Teacha and Culture Callie for opening the show...

Listen, yall ever check out Moses I and Jah Lando?? Mi nah lie family, i sure did enjoy this set. Words of wisdom and encouragement from the two, sent the crowd into a frenzy. Full throttle performance. Their energy was out of this world. You have to follow Jah Lando on Facebook and all the other social media sites to see whats next for the Two. 
The night only got better when one of my favs hit the stage. I would like to think when he decided to drop "There goes my Baby" he was thinking of me. 

Lee Kelly voice is undoubtedly one that you will never ever forget. So sultry so thick and sweet like hot chocolate on a rainy night. I look forward to listening and watching him perform. 

It was time for the man of the hour and Denise serenaded him with the happy birthday song before Nkruma went center stage. 

He says "Mi neva get it mi ban wid it" Family, you better believe it. I love the message and the fyah that burns within this artist. He encourages us to be Go Getters but at the same time he will tell the nonsense whistlers, the nae sayers, the negative people to "Shut up" 

Nkruma is one of those artist that is aware of his talent and greatness and yet he's quite humble.

Happy Bday Nkruma!

Of course I got supper excited to introduce the next artist on stage. 

Who's fresher that Jango fresh? 

No sah! Jango conquered this stage ee see family.. His performance was top notch! Lyrical content up deh, stage presences up deh. Standing in the crowd I could feel the energy sky high. Then of course my favorite part is when he invited me on stage. I loved every second of it. Not becasue the spotlight was on us but because of the message in the song he was singing. he made me feel so special, a woman such as myself with all the natural attributes that god gave. I didn't or should I say I don't have to expose myself to get attention. Love that so much! You can't go wrong with Jango on your roster. 

  It was time for me to hand over the baton and i wouldn't want to hand it over to anyone else but one my flexxfm.com radio family member. 
Winner of Jamaica Comedy Bus, the one and only "Gunter nah laugh" He made sure he informed the party patrons where he's from. "Wich part mi come from!!!!!" the next time you see Gunter ask him "wich part him come from" The scond half of the morning was off to a start when Gunter introduced Menny More, another veteran in the business. Menny More has been on tours around the world delivering hits such as Gunman, Grow your dreadlocks, so you must expect his delivery to be up to par. On this night he started out with one of my favs  "A Bit of my soul"   a very powerful message. Make sure you follow Menny More on all the social media sites as well.
Last But not lease, Ft Lauderdale's #fiwiartist Speng Beng had an exceptional performance as usual. We all know once Speng says "When the you know what rise at sunrise the roof came off. I think this is one of the anthem for ft Lauderdale because he never fails when he performs this song. 

It got a little out a hand when one of the artist he introduce decided to clash just because he was in the mood. Come on now! you gonna Clash Speng??? on his stage? Well he learned the hard way didn't he. All and all the show was excellent. And as usual my complaints are time factor and punctuality.  But more promoters need to book our Ft Lauderdale artist on their upcoming shows. These artist out performed alot of the so call name brand artist  that have graced a stage in Ft lauderdale and dissolved quite rapidly. I can inform you family that no bottle neva throw and no boos never blow! 

So to all the artist that performed. Guess what?? Well Done. I can't wait to host another event such as this. You can find more  pictures by clicking the link  http://flexxfm.com/gallery/indstreets/nkruma


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