Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nicky Blaze Promotions!!!!!

Nicky Blaze Promotions
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Monday, December 7, 2015


What's going on in the music industry these days?

I have no idea family but yall need to ask Dr. Love because he seem to know. so hey, check out Dr. Love he proudly admits he goes along with others.

Is it #Propaganda? Please let me know.???

is Obeah the thing to turn to get your music heard? Are you serious? So Its no longer PAYOLLA?? or is it now PAYOLLA and the visits to the obeah man. smh.

Believe kill and believe cure.

This is absolutely ridiculous. If you have to visit the obeah man then you shouldn't be doing this music thing at all.

makes no sense!
Fyah pon all dem things!!!!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Flexxfm Radio has the cure for PAYOLLA!

Integrity seems to be a thing of the past when it comes on to the link between musicians and these name bran stations.

I blame PAYOLLA for the downfall of the messages in the songs that are now blasting thru our speakers.

What happened to the message? What happened to the quality.

PAYOLLA has stiffen alot of new artist career. Because one can pay a radio host or disk jocky to air their work, the music isn't as important as the monies they plan to make.

It needs to stop! After independence the only constant thing Jamaica has going is their music.  Jamaica's authentic reggae music that millions usually gravitate to is being watered down.

Sooner or later if they dont stop this PAYOLLA, they will end up regretting their corrupted choices. 

it's only a matter of time  before the world no longer looks to Jamaica for that authentic sound and powerful messages if drastic action isn't taken.

Flexxfm Radio the #1 internet radio Station has the perfect show that's PAYOLLA FREE!

We know how hard it can be for new artist to get their work aired.

So send us an email with the songs you want to premiere. We only ask that they are radio friendly, along with a short bio and a picture to blazeafyah@gmail.comgmail.com

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ft lauderdale home for authentic reggae music!

I know that being away from our island of Jamaica can be stressful at times. Especially when love ones are left behind counting on your success to survive.

With that kind of pressure, you must have an outlet to release it before it explodes.

Why not vbye out to something that will remind you of home?

Check out GIDDI GOT TALENT on our Nicky Blaze Promotions youtube channel. Share and comment on our videos....

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reggae Revival

This is why i love to read.

Just came across this Reggae Revival Inside Jamaica Vogue Reggae Revival   

For years I've gravitated towards a musical era like the 60s, 70s. I often wish i was around during those times because that's when reggae was ripe and ready, well at-least to me. I fell in love with the culture, the music, the people, my people.

Then I heard Chronixx and my eyes and ears went on high alert. My time, my era and im here to witness and experience it.

I was hungry for what he was saying, he was sealing up a lot of things for me and when i heard "Grow your natty" omg that was the icing on the cake. I didn't need to hear anything else. 

See family, some people will say "Chronixx neva start nuttin new" but little do they know that he is just continuing the  legency of real authentic reggae music...

Check it out Vogue Reggae Revival when you get the chance.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Nicky Blaze Promotions-What we do!

 Nicky  Blaze  Promotions understands, that an artist journey to that big break can be quick but it can also be tedious and discouraging, especially when that artist is funding his or her musical career independently. We understand how difficult it can be for a new artist to enter into the industry.

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V.I - Angels Watch Over Me - My Confirmation!

I've been feeling a bit down since the start of the month for more than one reason. So this morning I'm going thru my music and The Real V.I. - Angels watching over me "  started to play and this overwhelming energy came over. 

This song speaks truth into my life. I do have angels watching over me.
 S.I.P Dior Amanda-Marie Graham 11.20.11

Listen for yourself family!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Have u heard?? Giddi got talent!!

If you haven't heard already I'm here to seal it up family. 

There is a little place in the heart of ft Lauderdale that I would consider a writing lab or a music lab.
On any given Monday night, patrons will experience raw talent that will take you on different euphoric journeys. You will see music manifest itself in a spiritual form thru the artistry and talent of the artist. No lie. 

All genres meet here . All are welcome from the experienced to the amateurs, you will be greeted with love and appreciation. 

They NRG is just right...

The highlight is that you never no who might pass thru.

Omg..all when artist like Speng Beng, Nkruma, Idea, General Baya, Shallow Grave, Menny More, Izana, Moses I and live on music. Youth like Squanny, Jah lando, all when Colin roach, determine , General B, pass thru, di yard mash up...

So make sure you pass thru next Monday and every Monday after that!

Check out some of the videos on our YouTube channel by CLICKING IMAGE.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Music is your life?

You know you have what it takes, talent, charisma, proper work ethics and yet you can't find that door or window to open so your body of work can be displayed or heard all around the world. Well stress no more. Flexxfm.com is that unique one stop radio station that will provide the best Promotional services for all you up and coming artist.

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Nicky Blaze Promotions - New Artist | New Music

Nicky Blaze Promotions
New Artist | New Music |
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Thursday, October 15, 2015


If you haven't heard , well here it is..

Did Robert Malcom aka Gully Bop cross the line when he went on stage at The Gardens to disrespect one of Ft Lauderdale's finest???? 

He (Gully Bop) left a lot of party patrons thinking he might be trying the new thing in Florida call Flocka!!!!!!!

Word on the street....he invited Speng Beng on stage after a much anticipated reunion only for it to go down hill when Bop decided to throw Country jabs at Speng.

Gully Bop went out of his way to say some harsh things according to sources that were there.


Its bad enough that artist have a hard time getting the recognition they truly deserve and here Gully bop comes after climbing out the gully from which he came to now talk trash about another artist..

My artist..Fiwi Artist Speng Beng.

"Well Mr Bop. luckily for you, you never left with a Gully Box"...anonymous

"All I know if you di think say the lion was sleeping cause him deh a foreign you betta think again gully bop.."...anonymous

"Mr Bop you might have your 15mins of fame and since your watch isn't working or you can't tell time, let me give you heads up that, You only have another 5 minutes or so to embrace and appreciate your fame". ...anonymous

"AT the rate you're going, pretty soon they wont remember your name"....anonymous

"You will be just another cartoon character. Just like one of these Cartoon characters that people hire to perform at their child's event"....anonymous


Who is Shanti High

Who is Shanti High????

Shout out to Moses I another one of my favs for introducing this amazing artist to the family. 

The first Note he sang I thought I was listening to the late great Garnet Silk, but as he continued to perform I totally forgot about Garnet Silk!

This is Shanti High!!!!!!
When you listen to his work you will see and hear just how experienced and talented this artist is. 

Please make sure you like and follow him on social media. 
Also check out his Bio below....

Phillip Douglas- “SHANTI-HIGH” was born in St. Elizabeth on September 21, 1979 he moved at a very young age to St. Catherine which is where he found his natural gift to sing, he began in a church choir at the tender age of 5.

Now age 35 Shanti-High is spreading Jah message through his music, His love of His Majesty and natural gift of voice makes his melody uniquely stand out. Fans have said

“Shanti-High makes me smile, his performance, lyrics, style, overall vibe makes you feel the vibez, you cant help sing along and dance, the crowd can’t get enough of Shanti High”

Shanti High was highly influenced by the vibez of Sizzla, Luciano, Mikey General, Peter Tosh and of course the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley. These artist have not only paved the way, they have inspired, taught, and reached out their voices. Shanti High is energized with positive vibez he is ready to bring his amazing voice, his unique style and his inspirational message to the 4 corners of the Earth…music is the healing “stay focused, you must never give up and never let the system get you down, JAH RASTAFARI will see we through all things”words of King Shanti High….. Shanti High lives life to the fullest by spending time amongst the youth and his bredren.. “one must never stop listening, learning and meditating” Shanti also stays fit by living the fullness of Ras tafari , eating his Ital diet.”food is medicine for the soul” King Shanti High is often seen getting a workout on the football field. Message to the empresses.. Momma Earth hold firm, stand strong, you are beautiful, live as a queen and let Jah beauty shine through.

In May 2013, He released the new single "My Sunshine" on the riddim 'Operator2013 Rhythm Velocity'. It was produced by Fitzroy Francis and the founder of Global Linkz Radio Phyllis "Empress Skortcher" Chamberlain.
"My Sunshine" is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers and is distributed by Mightyful13 Records/VP Records.

Shanti Highs album “the Higher Heights of Shanti-High” coming soon. Shanti High hails from Ewarton Jamaica and is the newest rising star to shine out of Jamaica...Look for nuff positive works from this blessed singer. For more information and booking contact shanti_high@yahoo.com
Tel:786-624-7801 or 786-426-1365

Friday, October 9, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

HMMMM..Something about No-Maddz!

No-Maddz Live @Ginger Bay Cafe

How the heck, could No-Maddz show up to my town and i don't make myself available to go check them out live!??? Pure Madness!

My love for this Band "No-Maddz" can only be compared to the many stories and the experiences I've heard about falling in love with your first band.

So its official No-Maddz is my official fav Band. Its not only because of their Many styles, talents, charisma or character but for what they symbolize to me!

Yes to me!

I love how the message in the song or dub, transcends through their work i.e. lyrical content, melodies and delivery.

I'm in love family!!!!!!

Last Friday i had the opportunity to check them out live at Ginger Bay cafe. The flyer said 9:30pm wasn't sure about the show time but i got there at 11:45pm and thank goodness they hadn't perform as yet, How ever another band was onstage "Mix Culture" and I can honestly say, they are sharp like razor.
Enjoyed Mix Culture's segment.

So while Mix Culture was  performing I look to my right and guess who walks in? Shepie!! 
 if ever i could love another!
Every bit of him is exactly what i imagined. The man cool like cucumber!

As if i was a kid in a candy store my eyes grew bigger when i say Onie-p. Yes i felt like the Ultimate groupie. I remembered how "Pilot thru the clouds" was stuck in my head on repeat for days. I love it! ... hehehe... That is indeed a lovely song.

Family, these African Kings called No-Maddz are happily trodding on a path to greatness and because of this, they have transcended into the Ultimate roll models for our youths. When next you hear that No-maddz are coming to a town or a city near you, make sure you go out and get your tickets. I can tell you this much, you'll enjoy the show!

see you soon No-maddz!

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