Thursday, February 16, 2017

#EXCLUSIVE | Blaze talks w/ Recording Artist Turri Maysun aka Da'ville

fam,If you haven't heard already then you're hearing now, Da'ville now goes by the Name Turri Maysun. sexy!!!!!! yes i got the exclusive.

BLAZE: DADA can u give me a summary of Turri Maysun please

TURRI MAYSUN: Yes Nikki, give thanks for the strength, appreciate your support always, #Turii #Maysun is my new name, it signify the me now vs the me then, #Turii has a story, it's my 2 sons name put together to create my alter ego, my first born name is Thorian and my youngest is Mason, so Turii Maysun, signify me as an entertainer who does all types of music and will be doing different kind of musical genres with #Roots #Rock #Reggae and some dance hall being the foundation, I'm not a one dimensional artist,

BLAZE : So i guess the lover's rock Genre is gone?

TURRI MAYSUN: I realize that people have a tendency to say Da'Ville is a lovers rock artist and I am far from that, in fact I dislike that stereo type very much, I do all types of music, I've always done all types of music, I'm just an artist who has some hit songs in a lovers rock style yu get me. I started out doing dance hall, i still do dance hall among others, like pop, soca, alternative rock music and a lot more, from now on its just me doing music how I feel it and not according to what people expect.

BLAZE: Jah no dada...I love this#!!! Omg..i feel u..just do u dada sorry Turii Maysun!!!

TURRI MAYSUN: 🙂 yea man, glad you seeing the vision Nikki

well fam, i must admit, im so excited to see what is in store for Turri Mayson and you best believe the minute i get any update about when he will be in your neck of the woods i will be sure to pass it on. until then, please go show Turri Maysun Some love!!!!


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