Monday, November 21, 2016

so let me tell you family about the INDICATOR show at Karu on Friday!!!!

so let me tell you family about the INDICATOR show at Karu on Friday. First off Karu was a good look. "nah lie" ambiance up deh. well Spice was a no show, (unless she was chilling in her car but if she neva mek di stage then she was a no show)
Boom Boom didn't play and Foota Hype could have stayed in Jamaica and not waste the Zodiac Promotions, Bigstone Productions and every body else who attended the event. should not have wasted my money or time. I'm so sick of some of these promoters constantly booking so call name brand artist, selectors, sound systems to be apart of their show and at the end of the night Mr promoter your party flap...not cause you didn't promote it, not cause you didn't have people there but its the crosses people you have on ur flyer... When are you gonna learn people!!!!!!! You have to know what you doing. you cant put a bunch of so call name bran on your flyer and none don't turn out to make one. That's foolishness.
All the time yall go around #fiwiartist dem right here in ft lauderdale and bring in people that cannot intro themselves must less finish their segment. Big up to all #fiwiartist them cause at the end of the day yall made that party look and sound good. The disrespect is getting too much!!!! Stop fighting these up coming artist! stop it. you book them on a show and then u bring in pi pi artist to do what? sing for crickets?.. Some of them high paid selectors too! yall fi Cut out the foolishness!!! Too disrespectful. who f**kin who and who suckin who from them anty to them granny. No wonder tropical music is taking over reggae. years to come when you look back on this, you will have no conscious music, nothing of quality, except for legends such as bob marley. Ridiculous i got plenty of legend in the making... Big up NKRUMA, IZANA, JOURNALIST, TAUNI.. ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME..AND WHEN THEY COME CALLIN MI GENNAS..TAX DEM BACKSIDE!!!!!!


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