Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I honestly don’t know exactly where to start. When there is so much to tell.

Ok NK BRISTRO www.nkbistro.com
Talk about ambiance. Snap snap fingers..a nice laid back atmosphere, with poetry in the air.

If not for the sweet reggae music oozing from the speakers, you would think you've walk into a tourist resort type establishment that found a way to bring truth to "Out of many, We are one". Yup. the decor set the tempo of  what to expect. This is a no nonsense place, my type of place. Mature, warm, intimate...check it out when you're in Hollywood, FL. 

Ask for Rasquel, tell her #nickyblaze sent yah!

I thought I was nervous before this event but when Safiyah introduced me to everyone, I was down right floored. If I ever had any doubt in myself, or my brand it all went out the door after such an introduction. There is something amazing, empowering, rejuvenating when others recognize you and your work.  #blazeafyah so humbled by that. trust me.

It was in deed empowering being in a room with other Entrepreneurs sharing ideas and gaining a ton of information.

Shout out to PRGirlangel Entertainment (Public relations & Marketing)! 

Sometimes you communicate with people on line and you seldom get the chance to meet them in person. Well I was happy I got the chance to meet this lovely lady. 

You know me fam, ima pick her brain. 

This woman being doing it for 10 years now!  
You better believe she had something to teach me! I asked her how she manages to keep it professional in this business, knowing the different personalities you have to deal with. Her response was powerful. She said there was a time when she would react base on how she was reading the individual’s body language, (and I just learn this the other day) but over the years she's learnt how to handle that. For real fam. Sometimes we make assumptions about a situation based on how the person reacts and sometimes we are reading it wrong. Now she doesn’t react in a negative or aggressive manner, even when someone might be a bit aggressive, her attitude, how she respond will remain the same. Calm and collect. 

amazing..my kind of peeps!!!!!!

TouchSuite was in the building. 
“Don’t just survive, thrive

Powerful statement, right fam? Something about my brothers doing big things always seem to blaze my fyah hyah!

They are a one stop marketing firm and they are waiting on you to give them a call.  If you're trying to start a new business then hit them up. www.touchsuite.com

Shout out to all the business owners and their representatives for coming out to this event. 

Channel 7 very own Stevie Rodriguez was also one of the guest speakers. You know me i had to ask him if he loves reggae. Yup..he loves reggae. 

Make sure you follow him on twitter @StevieRodriguez 
New business owner he is the go to person regarding advertisement etc. 

It was a pleasure meeting you  Ms Jackie (Inside Out School Of Etiquette). Looking forward to the next event.

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