Thursday, October 15, 2015

Who is Shanti High

Who is Shanti High????

Shout out to Moses I another one of my favs for introducing this amazing artist to the family. 

The first Note he sang I thought I was listening to the late great Garnet Silk, but as he continued to perform I totally forgot about Garnet Silk!

This is Shanti High!!!!!!
When you listen to his work you will see and hear just how experienced and talented this artist is. 

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Also check out his Bio below....

Phillip Douglas- “SHANTI-HIGH” was born in St. Elizabeth on September 21, 1979 he moved at a very young age to St. Catherine which is where he found his natural gift to sing, he began in a church choir at the tender age of 5.

Now age 35 Shanti-High is spreading Jah message through his music, His love of His Majesty and natural gift of voice makes his melody uniquely stand out. Fans have said

“Shanti-High makes me smile, his performance, lyrics, style, overall vibe makes you feel the vibez, you cant help sing along and dance, the crowd can’t get enough of Shanti High”

Shanti High was highly influenced by the vibez of Sizzla, Luciano, Mikey General, Peter Tosh and of course the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley. These artist have not only paved the way, they have inspired, taught, and reached out their voices. Shanti High is energized with positive vibez he is ready to bring his amazing voice, his unique style and his inspirational message to the 4 corners of the Earth…music is the healing “stay focused, you must never give up and never let the system get you down, JAH RASTAFARI will see we through all things”words of King Shanti High….. Shanti High lives life to the fullest by spending time amongst the youth and his bredren.. “one must never stop listening, learning and meditating” Shanti also stays fit by living the fullness of Ras tafari , eating his Ital diet.”food is medicine for the soul” King Shanti High is often seen getting a workout on the football field. Message to the empresses.. Momma Earth hold firm, stand strong, you are beautiful, live as a queen and let Jah beauty shine through.

In May 2013, He released the new single "My Sunshine" on the riddim 'Operator2013 Rhythm Velocity'. It was produced by Fitzroy Francis and the founder of Global Linkz Radio Phyllis "Empress Skortcher" Chamberlain.
"My Sunshine" is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers and is distributed by Mightyful13 Records/VP Records.

Shanti Highs album “the Higher Heights of Shanti-High” coming soon. Shanti High hails from Ewarton Jamaica and is the newest rising star to shine out of Jamaica...Look for nuff positive works from this blessed singer. For more information and booking contact shanti_high@yahoo.com
Tel:786-624-7801 or 786-426-1365

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