Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Reggae, Dancehall, lovers rock all these different genre produces a plethora of different female artist. So What sells? Is it sex, mix up or a positive message? A lot of people will say the sex sells faster that hot bread in comparison to the others. But there are females out there, that can relate to all three so there is  a need for all three and yet the female artist in the Biz aren't getting enough air play according to Shuga and Ikaya and i must agree with them.

There are so many talent female artist out there but it seems like they will never get  a buss unless they do something drastic or degrading just to get their toe on the door step.

Some female artist make sense, some use their real life experience to tell a story. I love that. Thats one of the reasons why I love Ishawna.  I love her music, her style and I can relate to her in terms of abuse and im sure others can as well.

Now i want to mention a few artist on the rise that i believe more djs need to pay attention to. Artist such as Posh Morris, Kim Weirdo, Natessah Streem and Da real Storm just to name a few. They are all different and they all have something to say. Kim Weirdo lives up to her name. I tell you, she is weird but I like it. Weird means different and its always good to be different from the norm. Check out her videos on YouTube. You wont be disappointed. Follow here on Facebook  as well. we need to start supporting our female artist more. I just heard Lady Saw's interview Onsatge before her show at Reggae Sumfest and she was saying she making History becasue no female artist never close the show before. Wow! I was shocked, nah tell no lie fam. And base ont the reviews you already no say Saw mash up the place!!!

Put the female artist on more shows man! Let them close the shows man!

Posh Morris is a household name already. Many will remember her from when she participated in the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission competitions and was awarded, gold, silver and bronze medals in different categories. She went on to study performing arts at Excelsior Community College and Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts. So as you can see she's on a mission and she a put in wuk!... follow her on social media sites

When we talk about an artist such as Nateesha Stream an RnB singer from Kingston Jamaica, who's worked with Buju Banton, Gyptian, Busy Signal, Coco Tea, Warrior king, Lutan fyah, Queen Ifrica, some big name bran artist and yet I dont hear her music being played like it should I cant help but to shake my head and say a wah gwan?  It just dont mek no sense fam. Obvioulsy she's talented, look at who's she's worked with and I'm sure if she wasn't doing her thing she woudnt work with these artist. Support her man! Her resume says it all, performances world wide, in the States, Europe, Japan to name a few. She's performed on Reggae Sumfest, Sunsplash, St. Mary mi come from, rise to the occasion and many more.
Step pon dem Mumma Storm. Open up the doors willingly or Storm just gonna blow it down. Love her message. She encourages you to be confident and reminds us that we are lion and lioness. Many relate to her because she talks about life and the many ups and downs and how you can get thru it. Nothing last for ever. Follow her fam.....

Listen, I know there are so many talented female artist out there. I cant name all of them but when i get the chance to share their messages i will. If i cant do anything else i can surely share their work. They all have something to offer. Its a big world so many will gravitate to what the individual is saying. 
One thing i must blast out. Dont sell your soul for vanity. Be yourself and do your music the way you want to. Some will like and some wont like. Just do it .....

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