Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ft Lauderdale little secret "Jango Fresh"

So a friend of mine Nuttsy invited me to a little rehearsal gig and at first I was hesitant becasue of baby mother duties etc. So I made up my mind to go and take baby Brooke becasue he said it was a kid friendly zone. So I got to the venue and who's on stage?
The great Jango Fresh and King Taffa!! 

FT. Lauderdale yall need to wake up and pay attention to what Jango Fresh is saying. His lyrics range from a beautiful woman and her attributes to the realities of the lies and evil atrocities in the world today. 


He laid it out all out in his lyrics... 
He talked about Bobby brown failing as a father, he talked about the Jamaica soccer team failing to win against Mexico. I have attached a lot of the videos for you to check them out! 
Big up to DJ  Craig Love and the Kingman who made me feel so welcome. Love the NRG!!!!!!

The night only got sweeter when Nkruma showed up!  Have you heard SHUT UP!!!!!! ? hmmmm. you better hit up Nkruma on that. as a matter of fact hit me up if you want dub plates form these artist. You cant be playing sound system in FT lauderdale and not shutting down the place with our artist dub plates!

The vybe was so electric even yours truly got a piece of it.  See video below.
At the end of the night Jango Confirm what I always knew that he is no doubt one of the baddest artist in Ft Lauderdale. I never see another artist free style with such ease.
I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing Jango Fresh on a stage again! So I begging the promoters to start doing more live shows! We have plenty of parks here in Ft. Lauderdale.!

I want Ft Lauderdale to be known as the Live show Capital in the Florida Diaspora.

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