Monday, May 18, 2015


Lee Kelly Earth Strong review....

Had the opportunity to Host and interact with some of the artist on this show and as far as i am concerned, if the performances were graded, they would have received the highest scores. Two thumbs up!!!!! Yes, the show started late but it was worth the wait.

DWAHS opened the show with back to back hits, that had the guest dancing and gyrating to the rhythms they strewn from their instruments. This is a band that could listen to all night. I fell in love with the live band atmosphere. With Mic in my hand, I danced and danced but couldn't out do the gentleman who seem like he was having an seizure when in fact he was hypnotize by the sweet sound of DWAHS. "Sting dem DWAHS Sting dem"

Recording artist Blade Martin serenaded the ladies with his sweet melodies. He is one to look out for and follow. Sassica followed and her voice is as exotic as her name. Guest got the chance to listen to her sing acapella which was well received.

The second half of the show went off with out a hitch. Nkruma da real
opened this segment. He delivered as expected. This is a man that inspires everyone to be "Go getters" and you have to follow him on Facebook @Nkruma da real. Talk about sure of himself and his talent, he was born with it, so you betta believe he's going to make use of it.

Colin roach was next to perform and can I tell you fam, that i was so impressed with his performance. Not becasue i felt as tho he was singing to me but he took me down memory lane. He made it look so easy. Goes to show that he's a veteran in the biz.

Then it was time for the man of the hour Lee Kelly. Ladies!!!!!! I swear his voice traveled from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet. he gave me shivers. Good shivers. Where have you been all my life!!!!!!! I was pleasantly surprise. why? becasue I've never had the opportunity to check him out live before. I'm so glad that jah bless me with the opportunity to be there to listen and witness his performance. Shout out to his sister who surprised him (from NYC) and they did a song together that was well received by the audience. Talent run ina dah family deh. cant lie no sah!!!!!

sumaddi say "TORO TORO" yup Fort lauderdale's own super star County speng aka Speng Beng closed the show. Speng brings this energy with him, old school is what 'I'm going to call. Bad man ting is what I'm going to call it. Even tho it doesn't matter what I call it cause everyone enjoyed it. You cant go wrong with Speng Beng on your show. This artist knows how to "siddung pon a riddim" Make sure you follow speng on facebook @Speng Beng"

I love my Fort Lauderdale's artist dem. i wish the community would start coming out to these events and support our own just as how they would support the artist that fly in from outta town. We have talented artist here that can deliver.

Many will say who am I to make such a statement. Well I am a lover a great music and a loyal fan to the artists here in south Florida. #fiwiartist #flexxfmradio #nickyblazepromotions

shout out the Don man for helping to host the event as well. Shout out to all the sponsors, supporters and other artist in the building. Forgive me if i didn't mention all. Go check out the pictures...


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