Monday, April 27, 2015

Montari Blazeafyah with Nicky Blaze

Tell us the story behind the name?

The name Montari came about while playing football at Arnette Gardens Football Club which is a Local premiere league soccer club.You see, football is something I'm very good at doing just like Muntari a fast skillful African footballer. So I just use the name given by team mates since musically am also skillful. I also add my meaning to the name Montari which means music on target internationally. 

Tell us when you first decided to do music?

Well music chose me. Naturally I've always been a singer since as far back as I can remember. I'm from a musical family background, my dad and most of my family members played musical . I'm also the cousin of the late Garnett Silk but I actually started writing my own songs in 2006 then started recording in 2008

Do you remember the first time you performed? tell us about that experience

My first performance was in Clarendon at a stage show and me shell the place the response was awesome and it gave me the drive I needed to go harder 

What is your genre of music?
Dancehall/Reggae Music 

What motivates you?
My fans, close friends, my parents and the most high 

How do you handle mistakes while performing

Well I've never really made a mistake before while perform because I always line up a category of songs suitable for any crowd am facing. I try to sing songs most people can relate to and grab there attention then thrill there souls with positive vibrations and realistic songs 

What are some of your musical influences?
Life, young and old people, I'm influence by my surroundings and what happens in our daily lifestyle 

What song are you most proud of?

Montari-"Hey Lady" its a beautiful lovers rock that will thrill the hearts of the ladies. This song is creating its own path.  I have a song dropping soon called "Downtown Anthem" which I know will be a major hit because everyone can relate to it plus the message is so powerful you will have it on replay all day 

Do you practice your craft?
Most definitely! Practice is a must because practice becomes perfect. A soldier never stops training so musically, I'm always exercising the voice to get better and better

Where do you see yourself say 3 years from now

Well I don't plan because no one knows what tomorrow brings because its promise to no man. However,  I will continue to work hard and do good music as they say time is the master so Father God will guide and lead the way 

links# www.soundcloud.com/montari-di-artiste  www.YouTube.com/montari 

instagram montari singjay
reverberation/montari singjay
www.Facebook.com/montari Fanz page email:montarimusic@gmail.com 

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