Monday, February 2, 2015


Da'Ville my love! How are you doing?

Pleasant day to you Nicky..... i'm chill eno, just here taking it a day at a time, no complain here, Jesus is good :-) wah gwan with you empress?

Today I want to talk with you about your new journey, fatherhood. But before we get into that, tell us about Da'Ville? (the musician, singer, songwriter etc)?

Well there's so much to me...Da'Ville....the man....the person. I consider myself to be a little metro and eccentric, a half introvert, half extrovert, fun, adventurous, spontaneous, multi-talented Entertainer/Artist, among other things.

 Last place you performed? How was it?

The last place i performed was in Fort Lauderdale at The Gardens with the band Code Red at a New Years Eve event, the vibes was massive, i really enjoyed the energy of the audience and the performance was on point.

 The one place you would love to perform but you haven’t done so as yet?

There's quite a few places still eno, but if i had to choose one it's definitely Africa....yes the mother land, I've been to many many places around the world but Africa is just one of those places that's been trying to get me to come over for the longest and it hasn't manifested as yet, but one day for certain I'm sure.

Tell us about how you felt when you found out you were going to be a dad. 

lol, OH MY GOD Nicky, words can't express, i was just in Awe, i didn't know what to do with myself, i had tears in my eyes and everything, i was just so so happy happy happy, i just thanked God and just sat down for a while and just had to take a few deep breaths while swimming in the moment you know  :-) it's just an unbelievable feeling that can't be compared to any other.

Tell us about how you felt the first time you held your baby? 

Lol, oh wow Nicky, who put you up to this? What a question lol. Listen, i was right there up front and center during the pregnancy with his mom.  I made sure that i was being the best man i could be by being present and doing all the things i could to do my part, so when it was time for labor and delivery i was right there encouraging and cheering "push baby, push, just a little harder, i can see his head, you're almost there!" And the moment he hopped out and made that first cry and i had the honor to cut his umbilical cord and i held him....i knew (I'm in tears writing this right now Nicky, me answering this question just took me right back there) i knew what it felt then to bring a life into this world and becoming a dad and i would never trade it in for anything in this world. It was such overwhelming bundle of joy and love.

 What do you love about being a dad?

I'm with my Son every day, and every day comes with new challenges and lessons, while this is all new to me i embrace them, from changing his diapers, making his formula, feeding, comforting him and just watching him go through growth changes right in front of me is a total blessing, I'm a father now and it's an honorable role, one that i intent to do better than any thing I've done in my life thus far.

What’s your greatest fear when it comes on to your role as a dad?

The greatest fear for me being a dad, is not being able to be there for my little family, to be responsible, to take care of them and give them the best i can give, to expressing my genuine love as a father and to say "I Love You". At the end of the day, my child has to know that if there's anything or any one out there he can depend on, it's me and his mom for sure.

 How do you handle fatherhood and your career?

I wish i could say it has been an easy task handling fatherhood and my career but the truth is, it's not easy, it's very difficult  and challenging at times, having to leave my child behind and go away for any long period of time especially in these stages, but i think I've been handling it well enough.

Tell us a funny diaper story. I mean, you don’t want your fans to think you don’t change diapers now do you….

But of course, I've done my fair share of changing diapers, as a matter of fact I was the first to change his diaper too. And yes I do have a few funny stories about that but i will share this one with you. So, one morning I was changing in diaper as i usually do, he had pooped and peed so the diaper had to be changed, i took the diaper off, cleaned him up and was in the process of putting on a new one on him when out of no where pee just came squirting out directly in the direction of my face, i just got so confused in the middle of it all because that has never happened before...i tried to use my hands to cover it...then when that wasn't working I started looking around for something else that could do a better job than my hands because that was just a total mess, I'm looking at his mother (obviously for help) and she's looking at me with a look on her face that says (what do you want me to do) and I'm like looking left, and right and all over trying to find something to stop him from flooding the living room with pee and guess what Nicky? After he was done, i looked him directly in the eye and said, boy....what was that, are you trying to pee in daddy's face and drown us all in here? All he did was looked at me with the most angelic eyes and gave me a great gorgeous smiled that just warmed my heart, the only thing his mom and i could do was just laugh at it all...lol oh my, kids, i tell you. Now I'm a pro at cleaning up baby puke, poop and pee because my son has been giving me a lot of practice lol.

Do you sing to him?

ABSOLUTELY, if i didn't sing to him then i wouldn't be me now would i, lol

How does he react when you sing around him?

Lol, well...he smiles, giggles and sometimes i feel like he's even trying to hold a note or two too lol

Do you have a ritual when you get home after a show or tour? 

Rituals? I wouldn't really consider it a rituals, but normally i just thank God in heaven for returning me home safely to my family in one piece and great health. 

 Does your career reflect your life?

Not entirely, because there's much more to me than what the fans, media and supporters knows about me. Some things I'd rather keep to my family and the ones closest and dearest to me, i have to hold on to some of myself for what it's worth. I have to have that mysterious persona to have some level of normalcy.

What kind of dad is Da'Ville?

Simply The BEST, lol, the best baby father in and out of Jamaica.....yea....that's me, lol

do  do you have any tips or advise for the new dads out there?

All i can say is, expect your life to change forever, nothing will be the same again after becoming a dad, just do the best you can and it will seem like it's easy even when you know it's not, the truth is, it never is and won't be but if you genuinely love kids, it will be worth everything that comes along with it.

What’s next for Da'Ville?

Well, right now I'm still touring and doing shows all over the globe while working on a EP/Album project, been dropping some singles in between to keep the momentum going so i keep busy....you get me.


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