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Who is Wowski?
Wowski is a movement spearheaded by a multi-talented youth who's destined to fulfill his purpose in life by using music and other holistic strategy to help motivate youth to become productive members of their societies on a global scale.
      You seem multi-talented. Tell us about all the projects you're working on?
Yes am very multi-talented as I am making strides in the music industry and will be performing on Rebel Salute 2015, I got accepted to commenced a PhD in Education, I am an established football player and I have conceptualized a program called Fighting Crime with Rhymes; it aims at using music as a social tool for change. It encompasses voice training, musical instruments lessons, song writing, social networking and entrepreneurship training. I have also started a sport program for youths in August Town. I also do a lot of motivational presentation for inner city youths across Jamaica. Finally, I am an author thus I have written a book called Overcoming Life’s Challenges and the G.C Foster College Pledge.

      What inspires you to write?
I am inspired by the Almighty to write because most times my inspiration comes to me in my sleep and I am always compelled to wake and write down the information which I realize address social issues or highlights the reality people faces in life. Those inspirations come to me in two forms: Music and nonfiction information for book.  

      If you had to choose one of the two to do full time what would it be? (a) Writing books or (b) doing music?
If I should choose one it would be music because it still incorporates writing and it also helps to bring words to life through the expression and the evoking of emotions of harsh realities face by the people.
      How do you manage being a police officer and doing music?
I am able to manage music and being a police officer because when you are chosen by the Almighty to carry out a task you will be motivated to fulfill your purpose in life. Therefore I conceptualized the Fighting Crime with Rhymes Initiative thus am able to use music as a tool in enhancing the lives of the citizens of Jamaica. Also in doing my post graduate degree I have learnt the art of multi-tasking thus am able to manage both responsibilities. My personality involves service and helping others thus I love both so I do it with a passion.

     Do you get discourage from doing what you're doing when you hear of other co workers who get caught up in crime?
Sometimes it’s very frustrating when am doing good and it seemingly get wipes away whenever a police officer does something unethical or inhumane to the people we swore to protect and serve.

7     What are you doing to make the deference in your field of work? Knowing that the community is not 100% confident in the police force.
First and foremost, I weigh the pros and cons of every situation before I act, I also try to fill the gap between the citizens and the police, I conceptualized and implement intervention strategies to enhance the lives of the citizens we serve. My philosophy is that any crime is committed is not against me but against the state thus I try to remove personal emotions from my decision making in addressing any matter at hand.

      We all have visions of what we would love our island to be. Can you share yours with us?
My vision is to see Jamaica become the safest, healthiest, most beautiful and productive place in the world.

      How are the reviews for your book? Where can readers pick up a copy?
The review of my book Overcoming Life’s Challenges has been getting good reviews from the teenage population as it was targeted for them. Persons can get it on all the online book stores such as Amazon, Trafford publishing and other online stores.

What would you like your fans to know about the brand Wowski? Meaning Wowski stands for?
Wowski is a positive movement and it stands for Wonderful, Outstanding, Strong, Kind, Individuals that’s the acronym we used to explain it.

What are your goals for 2015? 
I have personal goals to start my Phd in Education, promote the Fighting Crime with Rhymes initiative on a nationalistic and international level, performing on some of the largest stages in Jamaica and globally starting at Rebel Salute.

Where can we follow Wowski. 
Check me out on Facebook at Wowski McCalpin please note a fan page coming soon, you can listen my music on souncloud @wowski and Wowskimusic @youtube
 .....Nicky Blaze

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