Monday, December 29, 2014

"Safiya! Our Angel"

Good Samaritan, Angel, one in the same if you ask me but this human being name Safiya is one in a million. Besides doing her mommy thing, wify thing, family thing, business thing, fashion thing, she finds time to do the Godly thing! I have to give praise to her.

Family if you don't know who Safiya is just follow her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/safiya.shoetique 
and try to keep up with all her endeavors.

You can expect to get your morning devotion from her post and you can expect to be up to date with everything relating to fashion. 

Today tho, I want to take the time out to say "Thanks Safiya!!!!!!" 


Well, we all know Christmas is a time for giving and she did her part by embracing the homeless community. She and her family ask the community to donate clothing etc and omg they showed up and showed out in the  spirit of giving.
I myself felt so guilty for not being able to make the event but i have included some of the pictures.

We need to highlight things like these, we need to let the world know about some of our angels that walk the earth. This woman is so passionate about what she is doing you can see the raw emotion in her pictures. The tears and the smile is symbol of joy and any one would be humbled by this.

Fam, often times we neglect the homeless and we don't even give a second thought as to why some of these people are homeless.

Go out into your community and do some volunteer work and you will hear their stories their plight. Some ran away from other states because of domestic abuse, some lost their job and they just need that one person to say , hey I understand.

So hats of the Safiya and her family for doing such a great thing and i thank god that he blessed you with the thought to do something so special.

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